What is Lotto – Choose Your Lucky Number and Win a Huge Amount of Prizes

What is Lotto Game Online

What is Lotto? Learn and play this exciting number game at W88 India.

Lotto is an all-time favorite number game worldwide.

Technically, there are only around 13 states that allow Lottery in India.

So how can you fully enjoy playing Lotto then?
Thanks to modern technology, you may now access straight from the internet.

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And yes, W88 India is one of the best Lotto platforms online.

Try your luck playing this game and collect thousands of rupees like a pro.

Eleven different variants of games are available at W88In.

What is Lotto Game Online

What is Lotto Game Online

What is Lottery Online in India

As earlier said, Lottery is a well-known lottery game.
This is so famous as it is equipped with a high payout in each draw.
Betting online Lotto is the same as buying a ticket in an official onsite draw.

So what is Lotto?

The main goal of this game is to luckily guess the winning numbers correctly.

To start playing, simply create an account at W88.

  • Click the JOIN button from the homepage.
  • Next, click the “Lottery” from the dashboard.
  • Find the categories that fit you and enjoy.
    • 11 Different Lotto Games at W88 India
Lotto 300s 3D Lotto 300s 11×5 300s
Lotto 180s 3D Lotto 180s 11×5 180s
Lotto 60s 3D Lotto 60s 11×5 60s
Lotto 30s 3D Lotto 30s


What is Lotto Online in India

What is Lotto Online in India

  • Place your various winning bets such as One Digit, Last Three, Four Digit, Mid Three,
    Last Two, First Two, Non-Position, and BSOE.
  • After placing your bet, review your bet and finally click “Bet Now.”
  • Wait for the result and collect big wins!

The lottery games are a few clicks away with you with W88 India.

Enjoy 3-Digit or 5-Digit high-paying Lottery games from the website.

Get instant cash with your winnings plus extra income from bonuses and rebates.

W88 Collections of Number Games

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W88 Collections of Number Games

W88 Collections of Number Games

  • W88 Collections

»Lotto (300s, 180s, 60s, 30s)

This is the classic type of Lotto that draws five numbers in each round.
You can bet on the following: Sum, Straight, Last Digit of  Sum, Group, BSOE, etc.

»3D Lotto (300s, 180s, 60s, 30s)

Similar to above, this is also a classic variant of the game but with 3 Digit or numbers.
Same bet types were available as the 5 Digit variant.

»11×5 (300s, 180s, 60s)

This game variant also draws five numbers.
You may place a bet such as:
a One, Two, and Three-digit bet or Any-Multi, Any-DanTuo, or Any -Single.

What is Lotto - W88 Collections - Tournaments

What is Lotto – W88 Collections – Tournaments

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Summary of W88 Lotto

What is Lotto? One of the easiest lottery games at W88 collections.
Other games such as Keno and Number Games are also available to enjoy from the website.
Double your cash by winning with your lucky numbers.

Be a member of the club today and enjoy not only lotteries
but all betting opportunities online.
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